Benefits of Sugarfree Gum
What are the Benefits of Chewing Sugarfree Gum?

We’ve been researching the benefits of chewing sugarfree gum since the 1930s. Today, we’re devoting our 90 years of experience in oral care to share the science behind chewing sugarfree gum to support people around the world in improving their oral health.

Many people eat and snack on the go throughout the day, and sugarfree gum is a simple, enjoyable way for your patients to keep their mouths clean while out and about. By stimulating saliva flow, sugarfree gum provides many oral health benefits, including:

Neutralizing plaque acids

Neutralizing plaque acids: the action of chewing sugarfree gum and the bactericidal characteristics of increased saliva reduce the acid-forming ability of plaque

Remineralizing teeth

Remineralizing teeth: the saliva produced from chewing gum is both protective and restorative at the same time—this increase in saliva offers an increase in calcium and phosphate ions available for remineralization

Maintaining proper mouth pH

Maintaining proper mouth pH: chewing sugarfree gum helps maintain the pH of the oral environment due to its ability to increase bicarbonate ions in saliva, and this protects against dental decay

Increasing the rate of food debris clearance

Increasing the rate of food debris clearance: to reduce the amount of debris in the mouth after a meal, chewing sugarfree gum is an effective addition to brushing your teeth

Benefits of Sugarfree Gum

For decades, leading oral health organizations have been talking about how sugarfree gum like ORBIT® helps keep mouths healthy and clean.

Here's a brief refresher of the science behind chewing.

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