What patients think

What patients think.

To find out what they’re really looking for, we surveyed 1,000 dental patients.

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What patients want from their dental professional1

Know your patients

Do you really know them?

You may not. Only 39% of patients say their dentists know them well, while just 32% said the same for their hygienists.1 Let them know you care!
Check in, say hi

Check in. Say Hi.

72% of patients say they’d be open to communication between visits, and 67% say it would have a positive impact on their relationship with you.1
Pet peeves

Pet Peeves.

75% of respondents were most annoyed with being unable to respond to questions in the chair, while 57% said they’re focused on relaxing, resting or meditating.1

About the Survey:

The WOHP Dental Professional and Consumer Survey was based on a nationally representative sample of 1,000 American adults and 1,272 dentists and hygienists. It was conducted in January 2015 by Edelman Berland.

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