Girl in dentist chair

Put patients at ease when they’re in the chair.

Every dental professional has apprehensive patients, but we found that pain isn’t their primary concern. What is? Discomfort! Things like one-way conversations, chapped lips and boredom.

These four easy tips will help make every patient experience smile-worthy!

Curb the Queries

Curb the Queries

They can’t answer with their mouths open. Save questions for before and after.

Orbit Gum

Breath Refresh

Up close & personal? Keep cleanings sparkling with sugarfree gum for you & them.

Lip Balm

Luscious Lips

No one likes post-checkup cracked lips. Provide lip balm on a cotton swab.

Easy Entertainment

Easy Entertainment

Access to music and movies will ease their minds and make them feel at home.

Ready to enroll? Let's get started!

Ready to enroll?

Let's get started!