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Help keep it clean this spring break

Spring break is a great time to encourage check ups and give college-aged patients tips for clean, confident smiles.

The college years are often the first time these patients are living on their own and completely managing their own schedules.

Big changes like that often play havoc with patients’ oral care routines. So pass on these reminders to help them to keep their teeth healthy for years to come.

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Orbit Make Breaks Even Brighter
  • Studies show more 18-34 year olds are concerned with bad breath than older age groups1
  • Remind patients to brush twice a day and grab a piece of sugarfree gum after meals for that just brushed clean feeling
Pass the Stress Test
  • It's not all fun and parties! Eighty percent of college students say they have daily stress2
  • Serious stress is rough on our teeth, so remind patients to keep an eye on teeth grinding and clenching3
Stay Away From Decay
  • Cavities pop up on campuses more than people realize. Tooth decay is the most frequent chronic disease in adolescents4
  • Help wash away lingering food particles that may contribute to tooth decay with a piece of Orbit sugarfree gum5
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